About Us

Founded in 1949, RAPHAEL Valves Industries (1975) Ltd., is the first Israeli manufacturer of high-quality and sustainable valves and smart solutions for a diverse applications such as irrigation, fire protection, waterworks and more.



Wide range of innovative Producs & Solutions

RAPHAEL's research department is dedicated to constantly introducing new and innovative products and solutions for water control systems, covering areas such as waterworks, fire protection and irrigation systems.

Advanced Manufacturing

In its state-of-the-art facilities, RAPHAEL offers a wide range of products, including hydraulic control valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves and other products for the irrigation, waterworks and fire protection markets. Using coating technologies such as epoxy, Rilsan (Nylon 11), enamel, etc., RAPHAEL guarantees high quality protection for specialized applications.


Smart Water Innovation

By investing time and resources in the field of "smart water" and its derivatives, RAPHAEL has developed intelligent products aimed at improving data flow, visibility and technical and logistical operations. One of these innovative products is the "ULTRAF PRO", a unique ultrasonic hydrometer, the world's first integrated with a hydraulic valve.



 All valves undergo a rigorous quality control process, and RAPHAEL's quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. In addition, the valves are UL, FM, VDS and LPCB listed, proving their high standard and suitability for various applications.


Innovative Design

With only 3 parts in the main body, the valves feature a direct resilient diaphragm seal with no wet spring or moving metal parts inside. Raphael diaphragm valves operate with a patented reinforced diaphragm, which eliminates the need for a compensating metal spring. The special resilient design allows gradual and precise opening or smooth hermetic closing of the valve without vibration, avoiding water hammer, in vertical or horizontal installation.


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Raphael Valves Industries (1975) Ltd.
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