RAPHAEL Valves Industries (1975) Ltd.

Since 1949, RAPHAEL Valves Industries (1975) Ltd., offers the widest range of products and engineering solutions for irrigation, fire protection, and water works.

RAPHAEL Valves Industries (1975) Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and water smart solutions, thanks to its wide range of advanced and worldwide recognized products.

Who we are

Founded in 1949, RAPHAEL Valves Industries (1975) Ltd.started its activity almost together with the creation of Israel.

RAPHAEL is the first israeli company to develop and manufacture control vales for water supply systems.



What we do

RAPHAEL´s engineering department is engaged in producting the best and most advanced valves for the Irrigation, Fire Protection Municipal Water Systems, Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Air Conditioning, and more.

The company focuses on the production of hydraulic shut-off and control valves for automattion of water supply, reclamation and fire suppression.

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Our products

Hydraulic Valves are used to control, reduce and stabilize pressure, reduce leakage, protect pipelines against excesive pressure, prevent water hammer and protect pumping equipment.

Proper use of Control Valves contribute significantly to reducing leaks or unreported water losses, bringing down the number of accidents and normalizing the distribution of the water supply systems.

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Address Details

Raphael Valves Industries (1975) Ltd.
Northern Industrial Zone POBox 555, Or Akiva 3065401, Israel
Tel:  +972-4-6263555 info@remove-this.raphael-valves.com www.raphael-valves.com