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RAF 40/43


RAF 40/43

RAF 40/43 
The RAF 40/43 is usted to maintain a preset water level of reservoirs or water tanks. The RAF 40/43 is activated by line pressure, and is commanded by an Altitude pilot. The altitude pilot is mounted on the valve, threfore there is o installation requiered on top of the reservoir. The RAF 40/43 controls the maximum water level of the reservoir by controlling the maximum water column pressure generated by the water inside the water storage.
The RAF 40/43 stays open as long as the water level of the reservoir is below a preset level. The RAF 40/43 is a non modulating service valve, operating as an on/off valve.
Typical Applications:
Use RAF 40/43 for reservoirs and water tanks level controls, especially in high rise reservoirs. Line pressure provides energy suitable for operation. RAF 40/43 is particularly suitable for remote sites. Due to its simple design it is vitually maintenance free.
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