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news 25.12.2013

news 25.12.2013

news 25.12.2013

news 25.12.2013 
RAPHAEL VALVES present: Northern Plains irrigation Project - Mauritius
where: Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) off the south east coast of the African continent.
when: 2012
the project: RAPHAEL VALVES has recently supplied, commissioned and held a 2 weeks valve seminar to the Irrigation Authority staff in the island of Mauritius as part of a rehabilitation project for the Northern Plains water system.
This project in the Northern high Plains starts at “LA NICOLIERE” reservoir with 5.26 million m³ into a 48” pipeline and ends some 7 Km below with static pressure of 12 bars.
The water is used to irrigate sugar cane and vegetables by means of Center Pivots, Big gun sprinklers and Drip systems.
Arrival of the goods the on site
Installing 6” piston model Quick Pressure Relief type G
Installing 16” piston model Pressure Reducing valve type G
32'' motorized Double Eccentric butterfly valve type BTF PN-16 followed by a piston hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve type G reducing 12 to 8 bar


24'' motorized Soft Sealing gate valve type TRS PN-16 followed by a piston hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve type G reducing 8 to 4 bar
We've followed the 6 Km track of the main pipeline down to the control station


We've learned how to troubleshoot and service older RAF PRV
We’ve visited 10 years old RAF PRV reducing 7-6 to 4 bar for center pivots
Seen some drip systems with regulated pressure using RAF valves
RAPHAEL VALVES wishes to thank BLYCHEM Company and the Irrigation Authority of Mauritius



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