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Raphael Valves in the New Desalination Plant in Episkopi
RAPHAEL VALVES supplied a complete Valve-Actuation package to Limassol Desalination Plant project at Episcopi in Limassol, Cyprus. The facility is scheduled to be operational in 2013.
The Episkopi Desalination Plant in Limassol was designed to provide the people of Cyprus with a reliable supply of potable water. The facility is designed to provide 40,000 cubic meters/day — roughly 1,670 cubic meters hour — of potable water to Cyprus residents.
Ever since the 1970s, rainfall in Cyprus has been scarcer, meaning far less water reaching the reservoirs. For the past four decades, getting enough water to the farms and the people has been a struggle. The general dampness of nature is drying up, like a rag that is being wrung ever tighter.
Recent temperatures have increased water consumption on the island, with temperatures reaching 42 degree Celsius inland due to a seasonal low pressure front combined with a hot aerial mass from Africa.
This is why the European Commission believes Cyprus is the canary in the coalmine: what happens on this island is threatening to happen all across the drier parts of the continent.
To provide drinking water to thirsty residents and accommodate heavy population spikes resulting from tourism, the government is relying on desalination to meet the nation's growing water needs.
Environment Minister Michalis Polynikis said in 2009: "Cyprus will never be thirsty again. Under no circumstances will we face again a situation like the last years when the dams virtually dried up".
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