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 RAF 10


RAF 10

 RAF 10 
Nominal Diameter 1.5" - 12"
The RAF 10 stays open as long as the water level in the reservoir is below the maximum preset level. As the water level rises and filts the float, the valve gradually closes. 
The 10 float level control valve is activated by line pressure in any situation that maximum water level should be maintained. 
When the water level is low, the control chamber of the valve is drained through the vent, the valve opens and the reservoir is being filled.
Typical Applications
 Use 10:
* to fit in remote sites
* to maintain a miximum preset water level in a reservoir or water tank in a simple and an enocomic manner.
* can be located above the water level
Due to its simple design, it is virtually maitenance free.
There is no need for energy other than line pressure.



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