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Hydraulic valves


S.V. Shuttle Valve
General Description
The shuttle valve is a 3-W hydraulic device, used to alternatively forward hydraulic command to the valve's control chamber from two different pressure supply devices. When the higher pressure is conveyed into the central connection from one end, the other end will be shut.
The shuttle valve is availabe in metal and plastic to fit PN-16 and PN-10 control applications.
The shuttle valve is specifically desinged to operate where two different hydraulic commands are present ina 3-W control system. Either remote operating and/or pilot control will alternatively operate by using the shuttle valve.
BM - Needle Valve
General Description
The needle  valve is used in control system to enable the pilot control of modulating applications and provide an opening and closing regulated speed. The needle valve is used when valve operating speed and sensitivity are essential for the control system. Raphael's needle valve has a heavy duty stainless steel seat and needle construction, enabling high sensitivity and maintenance free operation.
Use the needle valve in 2-W control systems for modulation purposes. Also use the needle valve in 2-W and 3-W control systems to regulate the valve's opening and closing speed. The needle valve is specially designed for both PN-10 and PN-16 irrigation system.
FI - Finger Filter
General Description
The finger filter is a self flushing screen filter installed in the water inlet of the valve's control system.
It is used to prevent impurities from infiltrating into the control system and disturbing its operation by restricting, or even clogging, water passages.
Raphael's finger filter is desinged to be maintenance free, screwed into the valve's body sampling water from the main pipe. The finger filter will provide a safe water source into the control loop.
The finger filter is ideally desinged for operation with RAF hydraulic control valve for irrigation applications as a main filter for the control system, for both PN-10 and PN-16 applications.
Use the FI finger filter in any control system to prevent eventaul malfunction due to impurities, installing it in the water intake to the control loop.
SY- 3-way Cock Valve
General Description
The SY 3-W cock valve is a 3 port spherical valve, mounted on the valve's control chamber and used to change water passage between control chamber and 3 other optional ports. The SY is equipped with 4 connections<
1- Common port (unmarked) - always connected to the valve's control chamber.
2- "O"- connects the valve's control chamber to the open air and used to override the control system, manually opening the valve.
3- "C" - connects the valve's control chamber to the pressure supply and used to override the control system, manually closing the valve.
4- "A" - connects the valve's control chamber to the control system and used as the default operating position to be able to use the automatic control function of the application.
Use SY 3-W cock valve with every RAF valve application where override option is necessary, enabling local opening and closing of the valve, regardless of the automatic control function command. The SY is desinged for both PN-10 and PN-16 control systems.
BK- 2-way Ball Valve
General Description
The BK 2-way ball valve is a spherical valve used as isolating device in the valve's control loop.
The BK is desinged not to interfere in the routine operation of the control system, with minimum head-loss and maximized reliability.
Use the BK 2-way ball valve as an isolation valve when the control system needs to be manipulated.
The BK will eliminate water passage from the main pipe line and enable manipulation and maintenance without the need to shut down the water in the main pipeline.



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