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 RAF/RAF-P 13 
Pressure Rating PN-16
Nominal Diameter 1" - 14"
The RAF/RAF-P 13 is activated by line pressure and controls by a float pilot. 
The valve will open at a low preset water level and will close at a high preset water level. Therefore, there is no need for energy other than line pressure. 
The RAF/RAF-P 13 allows filling and draining of a reservoir or a water tank in a level range that can be easily changed.
The RAF/RAF-P 13 stays in its last position (fully open or fully close) as long as the water level is in between minimum and maximum preset levels.
Typical Applications
Use 13:
* to control filling of reservoirs and water tanks, in any situation that water level is controlled
* is best fit where on/off non-modulating valve operation is essential
Due to its simple design, it is virtually maitenance free.



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