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RAF 70


RAF 70

RAF 70 
The RAF 70 are piloted hydraulic valves activated by line pressure. Normally the RAF 70 is partly open to allow a preset constant flow rate. The flow rate through the RAF 70 is determined indirectly using an orifice plate. The head loss across the orifice is proportional to the actual flow rate. On rising head loss, the RAF 70 is automatically piloted to close. On the other case, the valve opens. Thus the flow rate is maintained constant, regardless of line pressure fluctuations or the downstream deman.
Typical Applications:
Use RAF 70 Flow Rate Control valve to maintain a compensated constant flow rate to limit the flow downstream. RAF 70 has two-way metal pilot valve for general use in wter supply systems of medium pressure rating. Apply RAF 70 to eliminate excessive pumping or to limit the water demand.
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