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RAF/RAF-P 80/82


RAF/RAF-P 80/82

RAF/RAF-P 80/82 
Pressure Rating PN-16
Nominal Diameter RAF 82 1" - 6D"
Nominal Diameter RAF 80 6" - 14"
The RAF/RAF-P 80/82 pressure sustaining/relief valve is a line pressure hydraulically actuated, 2-W pilot.
The RAF/RAF-P 80/82 maintains a minimum upstream pressure, as set on the 2-W pressure sustaining pilot, regardless of flow changes.
The RAF/RAF-P 80/82 pressure sustaining/relief valve will fully open should upstream pressure exceed 2-W pilot set pressure.
The 2-way pilot configuration together with Raphael's patented diaphragm enables smooth and precise pressure control.
Typical Applications:
Use RAF/RAF-P 80/82:
* for water supply systems with medium pressure rating
* to maintain a constant upstream pressure and to avoid an undesirable high pressure
* for irrigation water distribution and field control



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